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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  September 13, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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♪ derek: new york, for 129 years the host of the u.s. tennis grand -- dick: new york, for 129 years the host of the u.s. tennis grand slam championship. novak djokovic with a win over roger federer is one of the last two men standing. but will it be rah female nadal jumping for joy by completing a career grand slam? a new name about to be engraved on this precious sterling silver prize.
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we're live from the usta billie jean king center, cbs proudly presents the men's championship of the united states open. world number three rah female nadal. against number three djokovic. welcome to our third annual magnificent men's monday. i'm joined by mary carillo and john mcenroe. they've proved abunt antly -- abund antly patient, these two, not only with me but with mother nature. here we go. >> before the -- john: before the tournament, i picked nadal but i believe this extra day will enhance the quality of the match, giving djokovic a day to recover. to see nadal in this position is
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astounding. he had a stomach problem, then the knee went bad. we assume this is going to happen. he recovers and wins the french open for the fifth time. this is not the first time he won wimbledon, that's the second time. he's proven himself there but here, what he's done, he pulled a rabbit out of the hat, had a few tricks up his sleeve. i've never seen a player of this quality be able to turn it around this fast where his serve is better than ever he knew he needed to pick it up for this event and he certainly has and he's been quite impressive. i'm glad buzz we're playing monday, -- because we're playing monday, some of us are bummed out about that, but this will make this a whole lot nicer to watch. doing: nadal in his first -- dick: nadal in his first u.s. open final. djokovic watched as nadal took
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care of an opponent in two hours but djokovic had a four-hour struggle with federer. mary: and he was facing federer. 15-40, he made a couple of errors. i think that's why federer played conservatively on his first match point. djokovic comes up big and bold. that's how he fended off the first match point. second match point, federer got another serve and as djokovic said afterwards, i closed my eyes and swung away on my fore hands. he was able to come through. he played like a champion in that fifth set. it was something to see he richly deserves to be here. i so much agree with john that the extra day of rain has allowed him to recover and give a go against nadal he does well against nadal this could be a real beauty. john: i sauna dal before the match, he asked me one question is it windy out there? dick: it's going to be great
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conditions, we'll see some great stuff. the fearless forehand of djokovic against rah female nadal, the winner will grab this treasured free throw trowfi at the u.s. open. coverage of the u.s. open is sponsored by -- ing for up to s. the performance of a mercedes-benz. maybe you don't have to settle for a minivan. maybe you don't have to settle...period. introducing the newly-redesigned 2011 r-class. ♪
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introduction of the two finalists. let's go to mary joe fernandez. mary joe: how hard was it to wait an extra day to get out there to play your first u.s. open final? >> that's -- i'm here in new york, it's not terrible, just wait to get ready for today. mary joe: novak has given you a tough time the last few times you played. what do you need to do differently? >> i didn't play well, he played very good matches in paris and cincinnati, and i don't remember the other one. if he's playing well, it's difficult to stop him. play aggressive, play long, make him play not in the right position, that's what i'm going to try. dick: nadal was alluding to the fact that even though he holds a 14-7 records against djokovic, he's lost the last four times
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they've met and on hard court, djokovic has a 7-3 record against rah female nadal. here they come into this magnificent tennis arena. [applause] mary: a lot of people skipped work today to see this john: can't wait until it fills up. he's going to get a big round of applause, people are pulling for nadal. here he comes. dick: indeed, judge big the applause meter, nadal the fan favorite. of course these tickets are those that were intended for yesterday's final at the same time but the rain pushed this men's championship to a monday as it has the last three years.
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earlier, novak djokovic stopped to give his prematch feelings to mary joe. mary joe: novak two days ago you played the michigan of the tournament, saving two match points against roger, upsetting him in five dramatic sets. how much has the extra day off helped you going into today's final? >> it did help me and it's today, the finals, after 2007, for the second time, i'm really very excited, i had a fantastic tournament so far, playing in front of the full stadium, the biggest stadium in sports, it's the biggest moment. mary joe: you've played well against rah female the last few times what do you need to do to beat him? >> he's the best player in the world this year, he's going to be very motivated to win his grand slam title here. i'll try my best to get a win. mary joe: best of luck out there. >> thank you. dick: djokovic lost to fedier ht
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-- federer in the 2007 final, then in australia, he won his one hand only us a -- one and only grand slam title. at the australian open. a new champion to be crowned today. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorrow in dallas ♪ ♪ we need to finish those projections ♪ ♪ then output the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ what's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business.
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dick: the prematch ceremonies included "america the beautiful," sung by david cook who won "american idol" two years ago and a flyover from the 344th squadron and preceding activity of the men's final the ladies doubles championship was decided. mary: this is crazy, it got stuck at 5-4 in the third with the rain. vana king, and her -- vania king and her partner shvedova, they won it. they played for the first time
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at wimbledon and won it and now they've won the u.s. open. dick: an american-russian partnership. now we're down to the final championship to be decided. the men's title. won by our partner john mcenroe four times. we'll get his feelings about this moment when we return. nadal goes for the career title, djokovic for his first chance at a u.s. open title. she's even more beautiful now. ♪ are quite a while from now. so how'd i do? you did great. but don't forget about us. we still need financial advice. we have to protect and grow our money. you never know what's around the corner. grandpa. ♪ [ male announcer ] confidently face your future with lincoln financial.
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dick: the sphere from the 1969 world's fair. temperature in the 70's, the wind calm, and the forecast for rain, please, no rain today. nadal, ever popular, this 24-year-old from mayor ka, manacor the second largest city on that island. he's ranked number one and he'll probably be number one with his effort here in new york this last two weeks at the end of the year. john: he will be, no doubt about it.
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his road has been spectacular. not one set dropped, only two times has he been broken. a bit of a boo boo in the locker room. i said someone asked me how i was feeling, i said, i feel great. i get to come watch these two guys. i said i'm here to watch, see a part of history being made. and rafa's getting taped up, he's like, let's not jump ahead here. don't think he's not aware of what he's about to accomplish. he's going to be part of the group to me of laver, rafter, federer, one of the greatest players of all time. he's put himself in the mix if he win this is match. without a doubt. surprisingly, it was djokovic who continues to be the tighter of the two because exterior wise, rafael remained calm but novak is only 23, and the last
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couple of years have been quite difficult and strenuous for him from my viewpoint. he hasn't been able to enjoy his last three years. he hasn't broken through against federer. dick: hasn't won a title all year until we came to no. john: consistent but not spectacular. something very important should be pointed out, he's never, ever beaten rafael nadal in a major. it was a minuscule chance of him beating him how they play -- had they played yesterday. however, because of the rain yesterday, it's improved his chances, i wouldn't say 50%, probably closer to 40%. dick: what about the fact that he's 7-3 lifetime on hard court? john: absolutely, no doubt, his best chance to do it on this surface. no doubt about it. the question is if he had to go the distance the way he did against federer, i don't think
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he'd be able to pull through in that situation, though conditions for him is just the way he'd like it. dick: umpire steve ulric, an american. jeckvitch to lead it off. -- djokovic to lead it off. dick: oh, my, the quickness of djokovic on display immediately. john: that's why he can match up well on the hard courts, he can track the balls down, he can take it up high with the
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two hands. that was -- let's hope we see a lot of points like that. dick: both men admitted before this championship that they are expecting some long, long rallies. may they all end as excitingly as that one. both men very deliberate as both men very deliberate as servers. john: interest you say that, it's the look they gave each other. a lot of time the opposing player will get miffed, go to the umpire and try to quicken
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things up. you don't see -- won't see any of that today because they are both so deliberate and i think the umpire would do well to let them do it the way they want it. dick: put that stopwatch back in his locker, huh? john: exactly. i still wonder if djokovic is fully recovered, he did something, it appeared, to his ankle, flexing it a lit. that's not a good sign at all. john: djokovic clan from belgrade in the friends box. mom and dad. same for nadal, a family affair
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here in the lower right, mother and father. two great points. john: let's see if we can take a look at that first point. he's sidestepping. don't really see anything there with the movement but he's bothered by it. he's lost the last three points since that happened. this would be exactly what he didn't want to do, get off to a bad start, get behind nadal. dick: and he is behind a quick break of service by nadal. john: here's nadal making some extra shots, this is not a good
4:26 pm
enough approach shot. if you notice on the changeover, djokovic is having some issues. he's flexing that ankle, he's sort of stretching and bending to see if he can put the type of weight he needs to put on it, the type of speed he needs to think he could come from behind against nadal is going to be even more difficult. switches sides. something happened and it's part of why he lost his serve. he lost his concentration. went for a little bit too much on a couple of balls. dick: remember, nadal had been almost impossible to break in this championship, 91 games, he's been broken two times. mary: and almost 40% of his serves don't even come back. john: this guy gets a lot of balls back off the serve.
4:27 pm
i'll be interested to see, with federer, he chose to stand further back on the return. thought he could do a better job getting balls in play, i think he succeeded. if he'll try the same tactic as nadal. he might be more apt to use that lefty slice, especially to pull them out wide. >> out! dick: give you an idea -- he's going to challenge. john: that didn't look close to me. maybe nadal saw something, i'm sure he's edgy. dick: chase review. john: he's challenging -- why is the he challenging that ball
4:28 pm
that far wide. a lot at stake obviously for this young man. what a gentleman he is dick: iron grip on his serb the entire two weeks, broken only twice. and he's lost a set. has not lost a set that hasn't happened at the u.s. open or the u.s. national championship in 50 years, since neil frazier went through entire championship in 1960 the aussie, without losing a set. that's where nadal stands as we open play this afternoon.
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john: djokovic seemed the tenser of the two in the locker room and he's playing like that right now. he's distracted with that ankle. he's not in the flow here. >> out. john: his willingness to move forward against federer saved him. take it to roger instead of becoming passive which he had in the past couple of years. he said he had to change something up. he's become a pretty good volleyer. he's getting more confident up there.
4:30 pm
dick: they both have the same media manager so they're well acquainted on and off the court they like each other. >> out!
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dick: 27 hits in that one. john: i think djokovic can hit a bigger ball off the ground. he doesn't want to get in too many long rounds. it's ok to be patient but that was a little too much so. dick: point to secure that early brack. -- break.
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dick: fires long and nadal consolidates that break 2,- 0. john: right before he hit this, someone yelled out in the crowd. djokovic is looking for excuses right now. he's got to get his head into this. he has a winning record against nadal on this surface. it feels like there's a lot of pressure on him and it should be on nadal. mary: this atmosphere is sort of like how it was, john, when
4:33 pm
we were calling the french open final when roger federer was slaying soderman and everybody in paris, certainly everyone on court central wanted to see federer make history. even though it wasn't a compelling match, the fans wanted to be there when federer completed his career slam. john: at the moment the crowd, it's probably 3/4 filled up, i hope it completely fills. they're now starting to wonder what's going on with djokovic? this is a particularly bad start. they don't wantfish if he gets negative, they'll get behind nadal. dick: djokovic hasn't had many of those, he has 22 aces and 24 double faults. how often, and it's been a pattern in the last year or two he's had as many or more double
4:34 pm
faults than aces and he's number three in the worrell. mary: he's been getting almost 70% of his first serves in. he's going for consistency, set up this huge back court game. dick: i think he's finally found something he's really comfortable with. and now the serve is, while it's by no means spectacular, it's become manager consistent, something he can feel a little more confident about. this is the best he's served the entire year. no doubt about it. even though it's by no means up there with the big boys. dick: by comparison, nadal, 37 aces, 11 double faults in the previous six wins. john: i think he's going to get a lot of opportunities, djokovic to flatten out that ball and really put something on it he can take it up high
4:35 pm
and really hurt you. you're going to see that a lot. nadal has some wicked topspin. the last couple of balls of djokovic were very difficult to handle. dick: it's 2-1, cbs coverage of the open continues after this. ,,,,,,,,
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dick: arthur ashee stadium, -- arthur ashe stadium. fabs who -- fans who had tickets for yesterday, are here today. they are rapidly filling the stadium. he didn't call a trainer during that. john: there's been a lot of talk in the locker room about him doing that and he's become more hesitant about doing so. a lot of players felt, perhaps rightly so, that he was abusing the rules but guess what, they've got to change the rule ares. because he was playing within them. but -- and he has had difficulties with, he calls allergies, i saw the doctor in the locker room, there's no doubt that this is an issue and he has trouble breathing. fortunately for him, these are
4:38 pm
conditions where that shouldn't be a problem. dick: a couple of years ago, he had the operation for the deviated septum because he had difficulty in breathing. john: i suspect if anything serious takes place, he'll call the trainer. you also notice, he doesn't bounce the ball as often as he used to, hypnotize his opponent. that got on a lot of players' nerves. dick: in his career, hee retired from a match four times in a slam. john: that's why people say he doesn't have the heart or will or nadal or federer. cheapens some of the victory ares. -- victories.
4:39 pm
dick: the door cracked up a bit for djokovic, 15-30. john: if he's able to get this back consistently with some depth, if he gets in a rally, he's got the edge over nadal. nadal has to serve big today and get a lot of points off it. dick: oh, my. nadal quickly getting into that
4:40 pm
corner and delivers a winner. john: i'm a little surprised he didn't try to move in and volley that. i'm also surprised that he decided to hit that inside out because he left his side of the court completely open. had he hit it to the backhand and nadal had been there, he still would have been able to cover that shot. nadal guessed right. that's a big point for djokovic, he could get right back in this set. dick: that was for 15-40.
4:41 pm
john: a good -- mary: a good example of why djokovic has such a good record against nadal on hard courts. because it's two hands, he gets power from that side. that nadal can't attack the way he can the one handers. this guy, then it gives him a chance to set up his forehand. that's why you won't see nadal serving to djokovic's backhand side the way he would pick on federers or the other one-handed guys. that's why this guy does so well against him, especially on hard courts. joy i absolutely think nadal should use that serve. djokovic will block back deep. he's gotten, djokovic, he's gotten in nadal's head a little
4:42 pm
bit. he's a little unsure. a good opportunity for novak. dick: puts a dent in nadal's armor, only the third time in the entire championship, 93 game, third time he's been broken. 2-2. john: if you look at that particular game, it wasn't like djokovic hit a bunch of winners, but he put pressure on nadal, he was feeling it. now the momentum just shifted there. that's strong effort to level this at 2-2. going to see a lot more of these ebbs and flows. mary: coming into this match, they both won 55% of their back court points, even, dead even. so much of this is about how they manage their serving. dick: you notice a couple of points ago, nadal was trying to bait him to come in.
4:43 pm
djokovic wouldn't go for it. he wanted to come in on his terms. mary: guess what, of all the winners nadal has hit in this tournament, about half of them have come at the net or off the serve. nadal is number one in the world and also most improved. >> out. dick: there's a familiar face from a year ago in the midst of
4:44 pm
the controversy with serena williams. she's the woman that called the foot fault on serena that set williams off into a torment. john: this is a nice reward for her to be here at the men's final. that service line is a big line. mary: it's a testament to how good she is. serena earlier still maintains she does not foot fault. but you don't get to work on a men's final if you're not the very best. dick: there's three break points to get the lead back for nadal. john: this is a great, great play here. ken rosall has been inducted into the hall of champions and that's what he made his living on, the slice backhand. dick: couldn't place it any
4:45 pm
better than that, three break points. dick: nadal number one in the world, as of today, djokovic is ahead of federer, he's number two. one saved. john: he's finally gained control of that topspin forehand, he finally switched racquets. it played head games with him as well as problems with his groundstrokes, which are key. it's taken him the better part of the year, year and a half to finally find himself back to where he was when he switched. now he looks to be quite dangerous again. the serve starting to come
4:46 pm
the serve starting to come around. john: most guys panic and go back to their old racquet, but djokovic stuck with it and he's, you just mentioned, after this tournament, he's going to be number two in the world. dick: that point set up by a big serve. obradovic, one of djokovic's coach. mary: his longtime coach is not here, he's back home, he's got some personal issues back there. but djokovic says he talks to him every day.
4:47 pm
john: he's going to challenge it -- he shouldn't be allowed to. that's a good effort by djokovic, no dal has obviously won numerous french opens because of his ability to track down balls. that was maybe back of the line. yeah. so he had given up on it, then he had to quickly get the ball in play. john: he took a look and he wanted that ball to drop just out, a fraction of a second you
4:48 pm
take your eye off the ball that caused that miss. dick: chase review showing it just did catch the back of the line three break points erased by djokovic. another good serve out wide. john: that serve is a deuce court serve. that's what a righty has to do against a lefty, take advantage of the deuce points so he doesn't get behind. force nadal to hit with that one-handed backhand wrd at times that return has floated. a big serve for djokovic to utilize. >> deuce. dick: can't blame the wind today, very light breeze unlike the second week of the championship where we had gusses over 30 miles per hour and players really had to bear down, focus, and footwork to keep a ball in play.
4:49 pm
great testament to this championship and the fans here in new york, here on a monday after the postponement, rain yesterday. every sit will be filled before this is through. john: those are how you win the open, he's got to move him side to side and test his legs. he played a long, difficult, emotional, physical match against federer, that's why he is pumped up, he still could break here. you see djokovic breathing hard out of his mouth right now,
4:50 pm
early in the first set. dick: fourth break chance for nadal. there's old glory, we saw that reed white and blue starched out early in the week, just a light breeze, not much circulating onto the floor of this great arena. dick: fourth break point save. john: he's still breathing hard he often does that, you don't know if he's playing possum a little bit, but to me, imperative he shorten some of these points, doesn't want to
4:51 pm
get suckered into these long rallies. he's got a big enough game where i think he can avoid that . dick: that was too easy a ball to mits. another break point. -- to miss. -- to miss. another break point.
4:52 pm
john: there's very few guys who can take that ball, admittedly it was short, he can take it and hurt you with it. that's exactly what he needs to do. step inside that baseline bank on what he's shown he's capable of, and move forward. dick: a little ihie duration quickly after winning the point. five break chances. john: attack of the sneakers.
4:53 pm
break out a new pair. mary: he missed this forehand, he had no chance on the next play. dick: it's 2-2. he's done a terrific job fighting in the hole here as nadal has had five break points. here's the sixth. john: i think he realizes how important this first set is, too, dick. it'll seem like he's climbing a mountain if he lose this is first set with nadal. -- if he loses this first set with nadal. dick: there's the break. 3-2. mary: djokovic destroyed his racquet.
4:54 pm
i didn't have any pro aspirations until i was about 21 years old. i didn't want to work behind a desk. this is my job. so i put 4, 5, 6 hours into it every day. now i'm top 20 in the world. and it's pretty humbling. when i was eleven, no one wanted to play with me because i wasn't good enough. so i took some balls and started to hit against the wall for hours every day. if someone tells you that you're never going to become something, just prove them wrong. when i was 18, you know, i signed the papers and turned pro and that was the day that i really realized you better figure out how to do this and how to do it well because this is going to be your life for the next 12 years. it can definitely be overwhelming, you know, walking out on the court. you just look up, see all those people. it's probably the most amazing feeling i've ever felt. this is exactly what i wanted. like, i felt like belong there and that this is what i'm supposed to be doing. american express has brought you some of the greatest moments in tennis, and now we're bringing you the stories behind them, at
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>> we understand all are rich -- we understand the chair umpire has given djokovic a
4:56 pm
violation for destroy his racquet. the next violation would cost him a point. john: i told him the story when i prayed for rain myself in the 1985 match, and how lucky he was. he said yeah but the strain and stress of the two weeks, you want to get it over with. to me, i was getting this feeling he was still quite sort of tensed up despite the fact that there shouldn't be a lot of pressure on him. he had the biggest win of his career, arguably, the other day. john: eight sentence -- i hate sentences that start with yeah, but -- what follows usually isn't very good. john: you could see, even before the racquet got smashed, how tense he is out there.
4:57 pm
john: he's allowing nadal to dictate the tone of the match too much. that's going to get him in real trouble if he drop this is first set. -- drops this first set.
4:58 pm
[applause] dick: djokovic knows his statistic and that nadal, when he jumps in front, is almost invincible. only one time in a slam after winning the first set, that may be adding to the pressure that he wants desperately to take this first set. john: no doubt about this he doesn't have as much left in the tank as nadal. that's nadal's biggest serve of the day. he's pumped up right now, getting that lead back at 132 miles per hour.
4:59 pm
dick: as part of the improve ment in serving power you nerve -- improvement in serving power you never saw that before. john: take very careful note, i have a feeling he's been working on this not for weeks, but for years to believe in himself enough to be able to do this. he claims it was a slight change, going a little more eastern, away from the continental, where you normally use your serve. take a look at his record in the slams is pretty amazing. dick: one aussie, he's owned the french open, five titles, and then surprise, surprise in 2008 when he won at wimbledon and repeated that this year. now looking for his first ever title in the u.s. open and his first appearance in the final. john: i can't believe what's


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